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Selling your home with Wolston Independent Estate Agents offers a distinctive advantage over traditional estate agencies. As a small, independent estate agency, we prioritise effective communication and provide a personalised touch, ensuring you’re consistently informed and updated every step of the way.

This tailored approach sets us apart, making your home-selling journey smoother and more attentive to your specific needs.


The Seller’s

Selling a property can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t need to be.

At Wolston Independent Estate Agency, our aim is to alleviate your concerns and ensure a seamless journey.

We’ve crafted this Home Seller’s Guide with essential tips for simplifying property-selling. You can navigate through the sections below or scroll down to explore each topic.

Value Your

Getting an accurate assessment of your property’s value is crucial before making any moving decisions. While using newspapers and online sources might seem convenient, the most reliable approach is enlisting the expertise of a professional local estate agent like Wolston Independent Estate Agency. They leverage their local market knowledge to provide a precise appraisal, considering potential improvements or issues that can impact your property’s value. An experienced agent will take the time to understand your requirements and assess local market conditions, ensuring you’re well-informed about the expected selling price in today’s market. To kickstart this essential process for a quick and profitable sale, schedule your free, no-obligation valuation with us today!

When it comes to selecting an agent for your property, trust and achieving the best sale price are paramount. Research various agencies and their services before deciding to avoid agents with unrealistic values or low commission rates. A reputable estate agency, like Wolston Independent Estate Agency, should possess a comprehensive marketing strategy, professional and courteous staff, and a realistic understanding of market prices. With us, we provide more than a traditional service; our committed team offers advice for maximising your property’s value, and you only pay our commission upon successful sale. Plus, we’re here to assist with any issues that may arise during the process.

Select An
Estate Agent

Arranging An
EPC Certificate

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is a legal obligation for properties under construction, on sale, or available for rent. Enhancing energy efficiency brings substantial advantages, from cost savings to lowering carbon emissions.

Obtaining an EPC may seem overwhelming and time-consuming, but Wolston Independent Estate Agency’s partners have simplified the process, making it quick and cost-effective. Customers can easily arrange for a prompt and hassle-free EPC assessment in minutes, all at a highly competitive rate!

Online property searches are often the initial step for prospective buyers. Consequently, their first impressions of your home rely heavily on the visual content displayed on property listing websites. Investing in top-notch photography and additional visuals, such as videos, proves invaluable in capturing interest.

While preparing your property for a photoshoot may appear daunting, Wolston Independent Estate Agency’s team can guide you every step of the way. Our consultants will meticulously assess each room, ensuring optimal furniture arrangement and overall presentation to prepare your property for our photographers, resulting in high-quality images and videos.

Preparing Your


At Wolston Independent Estate Agency, we meticulously select the most effective and successful marketing strategies to maximise the exposure of your property. Our substantial investment in time and resources for marketing guarantees that no opportunity is missed in promoting your property.

In addition, our deep understanding of prospective buyers’ lifestyle preferences and expectations enables us to plan viewings thoughtfully. We consider factors such as peak activity times, parking availability, and lighting conditions, ensuring that every viewer enjoys a comprehensive and meaningful viewing experience.

In conjunction with any offer received, our priority at Wolston Independent Estate Agency is to ensure that the prospective buyer is financially qualified. To facilitate this, we will request their broker or mortgage lender’s contact information and any details of the estate agent handling their property sale to confirm their ability to proceed. If your initial offer is declined, this process will be repeated if the buyer chooses to raise their offer.

All offers received from qualified individuals will be promptly conveyed verbally, followed by written confirmation within twenty-four hours. We eagerly await any offers on your property and are committed to working swiftly and efficiently with you to ensure a successful sale.

The Deal


Once you’ve accepted an offer, initiating the legal process to draft contracts, confirm payments, and transfer property title may appear complex. It’s crucial to choose a solicitor or conveyancer to handle these vital details on your behalf.

Wolston Independent Estate Agency simplifies this process by offering various cost-effective conveyancing options. Contact us, and we’ll furnish you with the necessary information to seamlessly advance towards completing your sale.

Arranging A

When selling your property through Wolston Independent Estate Agency, it’s crucial to consider both the legal procedures and any necessary surveys. If a buyer seeks a mortgage, the lender will organise a basic survey to validate the offered price’s accuracy. Moreover, the buyer might opt for a more comprehensive survey to gain deeper insights into the property’s condition. These surveys serve as essential steps to provide assurance to all parties involved before proceeding with the transaction.


If you have any questions or just want to talk about our home-selling service, contact us today.


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